The frozen lake has been one of the assets of St. Moritz for more than a century, and one of the aspects that has contributed in creating and developing its legendary position as the world’s top winter destination.

In the last few decades, the use of the frozen lake has morphed from an art into a science. As we can see, nothing is done by chance.

St.Moritz has created a dedicated organisation, See Infra AG, which looks after the lake. They monitor the ice thickness using many different systems and with the help of renown glaciologist, Dr. F.Keller.

As soon as the ice reaches a thickness of 27 cm, crash tests are carried out with weights of 7,700 kg and by driving a special 3,500 kg snow-track vehicle fitted with safety floats. 

After this, the lake is cleared for the construction of the event village. Ice-thickness checks are continuously carried out and at the time of the event the ice is roughly 45 cm thick, guaranteeing it perfect stability.