The excellence of a coming together of values

White is the colour of purity, of essentiality, of uniqueness. In white, confusion ends, background noise is hushed, the unnecessary disappears. And what really matters stands out. This is how, in the snow-white surroundings of The I.C.E. St. Moritz, the many participants rediscover shared interests and real values such as culture, art, design, the evolution of technology and historical sporting achievements.

The common denominator of all these aspects, the automobile, just like a fragment of ice, becomes the prismatic lens through which the many facets of style and human and social progress are broken down and multiplied. The pursuit of well-being, the winning achievement, the physical and mental challenges, the most exceptional and formative experiences over a century of motoring: everything comes to life in a sporting celebration on the most stunning white track, where balance, proportion and elegance compete and win.

There is a reason that most classic-car-centric events pick the summertime months, but this Swiss take on a concours is a refreshing change of scenery, and proof that even the rarest and most coveted cars don’t need to hibernate for the full season.

When glamour becomes cool, style becomes “ICE”

The warm notes of the piano bar chase each other through the crisp air and accompany the drinks, served outside among the sun loungers. In the occasional small swirls of snow powder, carried gently by the alpine breeze, gentlemen-drivers and audience participants exchange experiences, ideas and opinions on the many topics that unite and inspire them.

The die-hard car enthusiasts and industry professionals mingle with characters sporting a sophisticated and charismatic look, wearing ushankas, mirrored glasses and prestigious vintage accessories. A few extravagant details in the outfits colour the event with glamour, making it an exclusive and at the same time inclusive party, involving corporate figures, jet setters and high society as well as members of the public, groups of friends and families with children.

In a mutual exchange that stimulates and enriches, acquaintances and friendships are formed between people who until a few hours before were perfect strangers. The harmony of interests and emotions and the fact that they enjoy themselves together in such a lively and unusual atmosphere brings them together despite their different backgrounds, in the name of that combination of luxury and sport typical of the lifestyle that is now called ‘icestyle’ in St. Moritz.

A beacon of light for mechanical and design masterpieces

A work of art is a meeting point. It is a place where intuition and emotion converge, where aesthetics and meaning come together to give form and substance to something greater than the sum of its parts. 

The I.C.E. St. Moritz is a unique opportunity to embrace an inimitable and perhaps unrepeatable exhibition of automotive works of art at a glance. An exhibition of exceptionally valuable pieces, set on a stage as dynamic as it is ephemeral, accessible for two days only, waiting for the wheel of the seasons to dissolve the ice like a dream in its sunlight.

Design and engineering are the tools of excellence that have sculpted these masterpieces of mechanical and design art over the decades, symbols of efficiency, lifestyle, performance and freedom. Each of these cars is a milestone along man’s path through the 20th century; each one encapsulates and expresses the imprint of an individual and inimitable genius. To see one of them is a rare occasion. To see them brought together is a unique privilege.

The cars on display are true automotive masterpieces and blend perfectly with the artistic atmosphere of St. Moritz. 

As the cradle of winter tourism, St. Moritz has demonstrated its pioneering spirit through the ages. The alpine town is a stage for artists and trendsetters and home to an impressive number of international galleries. St. Moritz boasts Europe’s highest luxury shopping street – a paradise for shoppers and in a class of its own. And there is no shortage of culture to enjoy as St. Moritz has numerous museums, libraries and places of interest to visit.