February, 26th 2022

The ICE St. Moritz has been created to enjoy driving, showing and watching some of the world’s most exciting motor cars in the unlikely environment of the frozen lake. Polo matches and Horse-Racing have been held there for decades, and a high class motoring event seemed the natural choice to expand the winter lake activities.

The idea first came in mind in the mid-Eighties and it took many years to make it true.

Unique and magic

The ICE St.Moritz is a very different event, a refreshing concours. A completely magical environment where drivers, collectors, and just plain car enthusiasts enjoy a late winter day in the sunshine, surrounded by the landscape and atmosphere that only St.Moritz, at the top of the world, is able to offer.

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For more than a century, St. Moritz has developed its unique formula that has drawn generations of enthusiastic tourists: a cosmopolitan mix of nature, exclusiveness, sports, luxury, and as much privacy as one could wish for.
One of the pillars of this philosophy is the Cresta Run, where people from all over the world and from all walks of life come together with the goal of speeding down an icy track, laying on a minimalist sleigh, trying to minimize both their time and the bone fractures.
One day, in January 1985, a group of British Cresta Run Members, led by Scotsman Keith Schellenberg, drove to St.Moritz to enjoy the Run.

To make things more interesting, they decided to drive their vintage open Bentleys. In January.
When in St. Moritz, it seemed only natural to drive their glorious sixty-year-old chariots on the horse racing track. Somebody was there and saw this magic vision and decided to try and repeat it. It then took some 34 years, a lot of hard work and luck.
The City of St. Moritz and the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel liked the idea and decided to support it, as did a number of Partners and Sponsors: without their support, this would have been impossible to achieve.