February 23rd-24th, 2024


The coolest (and coldest) concours in the world

Every year, in the Engadine, a miracle of water and ice occurs. 

When the season reaches its peak, the spell of winter transforms Lake St. Moritz into the sparkling white backdrop of the most incredible of motor racing stages. A phenomenon that only lasts for a limited period: it is in this fleeting window of time that the world’s coolest concours of elegance on wheels comes to life. The I.C.E. St. Moritz.

A historic bond unites the Engadin region and classic cars. A bond that winds like an exhilarating track through decades of events based on motoring (tourist and competitive) as well as the display of prestige cars. All of these exciting events take place in the summer, thanks to the excellent roads and ideal driving conditions that places such as this, with its surroundings, can offer.

The Ice St. Moritz breaks out of the comfort zone of such events, proving that there is a new dimension for a car show outside the familiar settings, one which challenges the rigours of winter with all the warmth of a passion that fears neither the grip of frost nor the passage of time: the passion for the rarest, most elegant and iconic classic cars.

Roll of honour


Best in Show 2023

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Unique and magic

The ICE St.Moritz is a very different event, a refreshing concours. A completely magical environment where drivers, collectors, and just plain car enthusiasts enjoy a late winter day in the sunshine, surrounded by the landscape and atmosphere that only St.Moritz, at the top of the world, is able to offer.